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GuidedChoice Advisor Service

All FRS members have access to an easy to use retirement planning solution through our digital advisor service, GuidedChoice. GuidedChoice is an independent advisory firm whose sole purpose is to give you tailored, unbiased investment advice to help you reach your retirement goals.

Both FRS Investment Plan and Pension Plan members are able to get professional advice on how to allocate investments through the GuidedChoice Advisor Service at no cost. You can use this service for your Investment Plan account, as well as any other supplemental retirement account you - or your spouse - may have (for example, your 457, 403(b), IRAs) to provide a complete view of your retirement savings.

GuidedChoice provides a clear picture of what you can expect in retirement based on how you're currently invested and how much you're saving. You'll then receive a personalized, actionable recommendation on how to adjust your investments to help meet your goals. From there, the advice can easily be implemented with just a click of a button. You can also run scenario modeling to answer difficult questions like, "Do I need to save more?" and, "When can I really retire?"