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Unlock Account / Change Password

You have made an attempt to log in more than five times unsuccessfully, thus locking your account. This could be caused by inadvertently entering your SSN and PIN combination instead of your user name and password combination. Or, you may not have registered your profile on MyFRS.com yet. The following clarifications need to be made between SSN, PIN, User Name and Password in order to proceed:

  • SSN: Your Social Security Number - the 9 digit number that the government gives you as an identification number. This number is used at first time registration of your user profile, to unlock your account and to retrieve a forgotten password.
  • PIN: Your Personal Identification Number - the number assigned and sent to you by the state of Florida is used for first time registration. Once registered, you need to keep your PIN in a safe place because you may need it in the future, but you will use your user name/password combination going forward on MyFRS.com. If you cannot remember your pin, click here or call the MyFRS Financial Guidance Line toll-free at 1-866-446-MyFRS (1-866-446-9377).
  • User ID: This is the name you give yourself during the MyFRS.com registration process. You should also keep your user name in a safe place for future use.
  • Password: You create your password during the MyFRS.com registration process. You should also keep your password in a safe place for future use.

Unlocking your account online

To unlock your account via online access, please do the following:

  1. You must already be a registered user on MyFRS.com. If you are not a registered user, click here.
  2. Enter your SSN and date of birth in the fields below to validate your information.
  3. Then you must change your password to unlock your account.
  4. Once entered, click the "Unlock" button, at which point you should receive a confirmation message verifying that you have successfully unlocked your account.