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Health Insurance Subsidy

The Health Insurance Subsidy (HIS) is a monthly supplemental payment that helps to offset the cost of the member’s health insurance premiums. Eligible retirees or beneficiaries will receive a monthly HIS benefit equal to $7.50 per month for each year of FRS Pension Plan and/or Investment Plan service credit earned at retirement. The minimum HIS benefit is $45, not to exceed a maximum of $225 per month. This is an extra benefit; it does not come from the member’s Investment Plan account balance, nor is it a guaranteed benefit.
To be eligible to receive the HIS, the employee must:
  • Meet the age or service requirements to qualify for normal retirement under the Pension Plan.
  • Have taken a distribution from the Investment Plan OR be an Investment Plan Hybrid Option member who has begun receiving their Pension Plan benefit.
  • Terminated all employment with all FRS employers as described in Section 121.021(39), F.S.
  • Satisfy the vesting requirements for the Pension Plan or be eligible for an FRS disability benefit.
  • Provide proper documentation certifying that they have health insurance coverage (Cover Florida Health Care Access Program, Medicare, and TRICARE are accepted).
  • Apply for the HIS as required by the Division using forms FRS HIS-IP and HIS-IP-2, which are also available by calling the MyFRS Financial Guidance Line, Option 3.

Eligible Beneficiary
Only the surviving spouse named as the member’s beneficiary is eligible to receive the HIS in the event of the member’s death. Named beneficiaries other than the spouse are not eligible for the HIS.
For More Information
You can learn more on the Health Insurance Subsidy page. The HIS benefit is administered by the Division of Retirement. Direct any questions about the HIS to the Division at 1-866-446-9377, Option 3.
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