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Non-FRS Programs

In addition to the FRS retirement plans, some FRS employers offer defined contribution programs for members of particular groups. While considered "Non-FRS" programs, these programs are offered to FRS-eligible members, with oversight provided by the Division of Retirement. These programs include optional retirement plans established for:
  • Eligible State University faculty and administrators (the State University System Optional Retirement Program or "ORP")
  • Members of the state Senior Management and selected managerial staff (the Senior Management Service Optional Annuity Program, or "OAP")

The Division of Retirement also has oversight of the Police & Fire local government retirement plans specifically for local police officers and firefighters serving in the State of Florida.
Click on the links below to access information about these programs via the Division of Retirement's website.
  • ORP/OAP — Optional retirement plans outside the FRS available to State University System employees and State Agency Senior Managers
  • Police & Fire — Local government retirements plans authorized under Chapters 175 and 185, Florida Statutes