Investment Funds You Can Choose

The FRS Investment Plan features 19 funds, which are spread across six investment categories, including a special category of fund called Balanced Funds that offer mixtures of various other investment categories. Select an Investment Fund by name, by risk category, or by Investment category to see additional information about the funds.

FRS Balanced Funds

Balanced funds invest in multiple asset classes and are good for "one-stop-shopping." They seek favorable long-term returns by keeping costs low and investing across multiple asset classes to diversify and control risk.
FRS Select Conservative Balanced Fund (A10)
FRS Select Moderate Balanced Fund (A20)
FRS Select Aggressive Balanced Fund (A30)

Money Market Funds

These funds invest in short-term securities (financial instruments or obligations) that are high quality and can be sold quickly with little loss of value. Because of these investments, the funds have limited risk of declining in value. However, over the long term, money market investment returns have been modest, basically keeping pace with inflation. Money market funds are not FDIC insured or guaranteed.
FRS Select Yield Plus Money Market Fund (M10)

Inflation-Protected Security Funds

These funds invest in United States Treasury inflation-protected securities (TIPS). TIPS provide two types of return. First, there's a fixed interest rate that's been around 1% to 4% since TIPS were first issued in 1997. Second, there's a return of principal on the underlying TIPS securities (the starting amount of your initial investment) and interest (the additional earnings you get over time) that is "protected," or indexed to inflation. As inflation rises, so does the amount of principal and interest you receive. So, if the fixed rate is 3% and inflation is 3%, you receive a total interest rate of about 6%. The day-to-day value of inflation-protected securities varies with changes in inflation and interest rates. You could lose money over short or long periods by investing in this fund. The fund's price and return will vary over a wide range, similar to the fluctuations of the bond market. But these funds generally offer a promise of keeping up with inflation, which is unique to this type of investment.
FRS Select U.S. Treasury Inflation Protected Securities Index Fund (T10)

Bond Funds

Bond Funds invest primarily in fixed income securities which are similar to IOUs. The short-term risk of bond funds is relatively low. However, over time, the value of a bond is affected by interest rates, inflation and other factors.
FRS Select U.S.Bond Enhanced Index Fund (B15)
PIMCO Total Return (B20)
Pyramis Intermediate Duration Pool (B35)
FRS Select High Yield Fund (B50)

Foreign And Global Stock Funds

Foreign and Global Stock Funds invest primarily in stocks issued by foreign companies. Compared to U.S. stocks, foreign stocks are affected by additional risk factors such as foreign laws and regulations, differences in accounting practices, political and currency risks. Over the long-term, foreign stocks have provided additional diversification benefits.
FRS Select Foreign Stock Index Fund (F10)
American Funds Euro-Pacific Growth Fund (F20)
American Funds New Perspective (F40)

U.S. Stock Funds

U.S. Stock Funds invest primarily in stocks issued by U.S. companies The short-term risk of investing in stocks has been much higher than bonds. However, over long periods of time, stocks have generally performed better than bonds.
FRS Select US Stock Market Index Fund (S10)
FRS Select US Large Value Stock Active Fund (S25)
FRS Select US Large Growth Stock Active Fund (S30)
Prudential Mid-Cap Quantitative Core Equity Fund (S40)
Fidelity Growth Company Fund (S80)
Fidelity Low-Price Stock Fund (S90) (closed to new investors)
T. Rowe Price Small-Cap Stock Fund (S97)
American Beacon Small-Cap Value Fund (S99)

Self-Directed Brokerage Account

The Self-Directed Brokerage Account (SDBA) allows you to invest in thousands of different investment options in addition to the Investment Plan's primary investment funds. To participate in the SDBA you must maintain a minimum balance of $5,000 in the Investment Plan's primary investment funds and initial and subsequent transfers into the SDBA must be at least $1,000. An SDBA is for experienced investors and is not suitable for all members. There are risks associated with many of the investments in the SDBA and you assume the full risk and responsibility for the investments you select.
See the following publications for more SDBA information:

Retirement Date Funds

These funds, which will become available July 1, 2014, invest in a diversified portfolio of other FRS Investment Plan funds and uses an asset allocation concept called "target date funds." The mix of funds in each Retirement Date Fund is based on the amount of time you have before retirement, and the mix gradually changes as your retirement gets nearer. This gradual change follows a careful investment strategy called a "glide path."

See the following for more Retirement Date Fund information:

Retirement Date Funds Brochure

Video Guide to Investment Funds

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This video shows you how the investment fund information on (results, ratings, bench marks, and more) can help you make smarter investment choices. The video is general in nature and presents a high level overview of the investment fund pages. The investment fund examples used in the video do not correspond to the Investment Plan's investment funds and their returns and fees.
Investment Funds
Video Guide to Investment Funds

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