Keys to Retirement Planning and Investing

Put time on your side
The earlier you start to save and invest, the more you'll have when you retire.
When it comes to saving and investing, put time on your side — get started now so compound growth can increase your retirement income. Compound growth happens when your investment's dividends or interest earnings are reinvested to earn more dividends or earnings. "Getting earnings on your earnings" helps turn a little into a lot over time.

With compound growth, the earlier you start saving, the less you'll have to put away to end up with the same amount. In other words, once you've worked for your money, your money starts working for you.

The benefit of starting early.
Meet Tony. He's a 25-year old parole officer. Let's say Tony has an investment that pays 8% interest each year. If he put $3,000 in that investment each year, he would have about $367,000 after 30 years. If instead he started putting money aside 15 years later, he would have to save over $11,000 each year to end up with $367,000.

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