In Person

The MyFRS Financial Guidance Program is designed to help you make an informed decision about your financial future. In addition to the vast resources available through the Web site and the MyFRS Financial Guidance Line, we understand that having real people to talk with-in person-is an effective way to learn to stay on top of your financial goals. So we've enlisted the help of experienced financial planners at Ernst & Young to conduct workshops across the State of Florida. These workshops are free for Investment Plan and Pension Plan participants, and feature discussions on retirement planning, investment planning, using the FRS to plan for your future, and FRS plan choice for new and existing members.

Want to know more? Access our Workshops Tool to:

  • Learn more about the current workshops being offered, the topics discussed, and the time allocated to each workshop
  • Sign up for a workshop by calling the MyFRS Financial Guidance Line at 1-866-446-9377, Option 2
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