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      3% Retirement Contribution Impact on Your Take-Home Pay  
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      To see how your take-home pay may be impacted by the 3% FRS employee contribution, complete the applicable boxes highlighted in yellow. Your estimated paycheck will be displayed in the bottom table. If you need assistance in using the calculator or in determining your estimated take-home pay, an Ernst & Young financial planner can assist you via the MyFRS Financial Guidance Line at 1-866-446-9377, Option 2 (TRS 711). This calculator utilizes the 2013 tax withholding schedules.  
    Year To Date Earnings
    Gross Earnings per Pay Period:
    Pay Periods per Year:
    Federal Marital Status:
    Federal Allowances:
    Additional Withholding:
      Before-Tax Deductions    
    FRS Employee Contribution:
    Employee Paid Health/Flexible Spending:
    Other Before-Tax Deductions:
      After-Tax Deductions    
    State/Local Taxes % (if applicable):
    After-Tax Deductions:
    After-Tax Reimbursements:
      Estimated paycheck w/out FRS employee contributions Estimated paycheck w/ FRS employee contributions  
      Take-Home Pay Take-Home Pay  
    Social Security - 6.2% Social Security - 6.2%
    Medicare - 1.45% Medicare - 1.45%
    Additional Medicare - 0.9% Additional Medicare - 0.9%
    Federal Withholding Federal Withholding
    FRS Employee Contribution FRS Employee Contribution
    Employee Paid Health/Flexible Spending: Employee Paid Health/Flexible Spending:
    Other Before-Tax Deductions Before-Tax Deductions
    State/Local Taxes State/Local Taxes
    After-Tax Deductions After-Tax Deductions
    After-Tax Reimbursements After-Tax Reimbursements
      Note: The above calculator is for illustrative and planning purposes only and is strictly an estimate. Your actual take-home pay may differ from the above calculations. Do not rely on the above calculations or make any financial changes unless you consult with a CPA or tax professional first. The estimated results are dependent on the accuracy of the data you enter.