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State Board of Administration and Division of Retirement Public Records Policy
The State Board of Administration of Florida (SBA) is responsible for maintaining member records relevant to the FRS Investment Plan. The Division of Retirement within the Florida Department of Management Services is responsible for maintaining agency and member records relevant to the FRS Pension Plan and certain records for the FRS Investment Plan.

All retirement records are available to the public pursuant to Florida's Public Records Law, Chapter 119, Florida Statutes, with the exception of those records specifically exempted by law under ss. 121.031(5), 121.4501(19) and 119.071, Florida Statutes.

Records exempt from disclosure include:

  • Lists of retirees' names with their addresses;

  • Social Security numbers of current and former members;

  • All personal identifying information (e.g., name, Social Security number, account balances, asset allocation, etc.) regarding a participant in the FRS Investment Plan (legal name is the Florida Retirement System Investment Plan); and

  • Personal identifying information contained in the records of the following members (including spouses and children), if a written request for confidentiality is submitted to the Division or SBA:

    1. Active or former sworn or civilian law enforcement personnel;
    2. Correctional and correctional probation officers;
    3. Personnel of the Department of Children and Family Services whose duties include the investigation of abuse, neglect, exploitation, fraud, theft, or other criminal activities;
    4. Personnel of the Department of Health whose duties are to support the investigation of child abuse or neglect;
    5. Personnel of the Department of Revenue or local governments whose responsibilities include revenue collection and enforcement or child support enforcement;
    6. Firefighters;
    7. Current or former justices of the Supreme Court, district court of appeal judges, circuit and county court judges, state attorneys and assistant state attorneys, statewide prosecutors and assistant statewide prosecutors;
    8. General magistrates, special magistrates, judges of compensation claims, administrative law judges of the Division of Administrative Hearings, and child support enforcement hearing officers;
    9. Current or former human resource, labor relations, or employee relations directors, assistant directors, managers or assistant managers of any local government agency or water management district whose duties include hiring and firing employees, labor contract negotiation, administration, or other personnel-related duties;
    10. Current or former United States attorneys and assistant United States attorneys, judges of United States Courts of Appeal, United States district judges, and United States magistrate judges;
    11. Current or former code enforcement officers;
    12. Current or former guardians ad litem;
    13. Current or former juvenile probation officers, juvenile probation supervisors, detention superintendents, assistant detention superintendents, senior juvenile detention officers, juvenile detention officer supervisors, juvenile detention officers, rehabilitation therapists, and social services counselors of the Department of Juvenile Justice;
    14. Current or former public defenders, assistant public defenders, criminal conflict and civil regional counsel, and assistant criminal conflict and civil regional counsel;
    15. Current and former inspectors and investigators with the Department of Business and Professional Regulation; and
    16. County tax collectors.

The Division and SBA maintain files by member name and social security number. When making a request for records, you should provide both to facilitate your request. For Pension Plan members, you may visit the offices of the Division of Retirement to see the record, have it read to you over the telephone, or have a copy forwarded to you by mail. For Investment Plan members, contact the SBA at the address listed below.

When complying with a request, the Division or SBA will not produce or generate information that does not already exist in the Division's or SBA's records or a member’s retirement account file. Consequently, the Division, for example, would not provide an estimate of an FRS member’s retirement benefit unless that information has already been provided to the member.

Requests to review records or obtain copies of records may be made to:

PO BOX 9000
TALLAHASSEE, FL 32315-9000
Toll-Free: (877) 377-1737
Local: (850) 488-5706
Email: rep@dms.MyFlorida.com
Social Security Numbers and Public Records Law Exemption
FRS Investment Plan member records are filed according to the member's Social Security number. The SBA collects member Social Security numbers because it is imperative for the SBA to have the ability to identify Investment Plan members properly and definitively.
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