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FRS Pension Plan Employer Handbook

The FRS Pension Plan Employer Handbook is now available online in Adobe Acrobat PDF Adobe PDF icon format. Payroll staff and retirement coordinators for FRS employers are encouraged to access and print out chapters from this valuable resource.

FRS Investment Plan Employer Toolkit and Manual

The FRS Investment Plan Employer Toolkit and FRS Investment Plan Employer Manual are technical guides for retirement coordinators, payroll staff, and others who have FRS responsibilities. These guides are intended to explain the administration of the retirement plan choice process and the FRS Investment Plan in nontechnical language. To request a hardcopy of these guides, please call 1-866-377-2121, Option 3, or order them online. The Resource CD, included in the Toolkit, includes two PowerPoint presentations which may be helpful to you: New Hire Orientation and Understanding the 2nd Election.

Information Releases

Information Releases from the Division of Retirement on policy or procedural changes that may affect you or your employees.

Reemployment After Retirement

The following information can assist you in understanding the reemployment after retirement provisions applicable to both retirement plans:

Workshops, For Your Employees

Free for FRS Members! Financial planning workshops conducted by experienced financial planners from Ernst & Young. Click to find a workshop near you! To schedule a workshop for your employees, please call 1-866-446-9377, Option 2 Click here to be notified about upcoming workshops in your area.

Workshops, for Employers

Attend an FRS Investment Plan Employer Training Workshop. Click for additional information. To register for a workshop, please call the toll-free FRS Employer Assistance Line (1-866-377-2121, Option 1), and ask for either Marc Mancuso, Chad Stivers, or Scott Jennings.
Watch a condensed video of the workshop.
Attend an FRS Pension Plan Employer Training Seminar. Click for additional information including the dates of scheduled seminars.

Contribution Rates

Employer contribution rates for the Florida Retirement System.

Employer Forms

The following forms are to be used by employers only.

1 Adobe PDF iconCERT FRS Certification Form
2 Adobe PDF iconDPR-100 Certification of Salaries (prior years)
3 Adobe PDF iconDPR-100CALC Certification and explanation of salary amounts to assist in audits for leaves of absence and salary adjustments
4 Adobe PDF iconDPR-100M Certification of monthly salaries that would have been earned for members who were on a military leave of absence
5 Adobe PDF iconFC-1 Final Salary Certification
6 Adobe PDF iconFR-13a Statement of Disability by Employer
7 Adobe PDF iconSMSD-1 Senior Management Service Class Designated Position Form
8 Adobe PDF iconWC-1 Certification of Workers' Compensation