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The information on the MyFRS.com website is written in nontechnical terms. It is not intended to include every program detail. Complete details can be found in the respective FRS Summary Plan Descriptions, Florida Statutes, and Administrative Rules. In case of any conflict between the information on MyFRS.com and the statutes and rules, the provisions of the statutes and rules will control.

Quick guide to new MyFRS.com features

The newly designed MyFRS.com website makes it easier for you to access the information you need so that you can get the most out of the FRS. Take a look at how you can browse and engage our website in new ways:

Now it's easier to get the information you need:

More information at your fingertips

Find what you need faster

We know that finding the information you need fast is important. Our new homepage is designed to provide easier access to the information that is most important to you. We have also modified the Members Custom Homepage so that forms and publications will be presented that best meet your current status within the FRS.


Plan Information

Plan Information

Florida Retirement System Investment Plan and Pension Plan financial and performance information has been added. Charts indicating total assets in both plans are also included.


Graph the performance of the funds over time

Improved research tools

The new Interactive Daily Net Asset Value research tool allows you to graph the value of individual funds over time or compare specific funds against other funds.


New Hire Video to assist all new employees with their retirement options

New educational video for new members of the FRS

We have added a new video to the site to assist new members of the FRS. This video is a condensed version of the FRS Retirement Options Workshop for New Employees and is presented to you by the staff of the SBA.


New Ernst & Young video

Ernst & Young video outlining services available to members

We have added a video from Ernst & Young that explains the services they can provide you.


Improved Site Search

More powerful search engine

MyFRS.com now includes a more powerful search engine. Not only can you search for information within MyFRS.com, you can also search all documents on the site.


FRS Investment Plan Employer Training Workshop Video

Employer Training Workshop Video

We have added a new FRS Investment Plan Employer Workshop Video to assost employers. This video is a condensed version of the Investment Plan Employer Training Workshop and is presented to you by the staff of the SBA.


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